Bills move off appropriations suspense file

By CMTA Staff

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As we move into the last weeks of the two-year legislative session, many bills have been held in appropriations committees in each house due to their fiscal impact on the state budget.

The legislature determined this week the bills that will remain in the committee and those that should move off suspense and proceed to floor votes. The decision-making process is not very transparent, with legislators forced to choose only a few of their bills and lobbyists making the best case possible to move (or prevent from moving) particular bills.

Important bills moving off suspense include:

  • Corporate Counsel
    • AB 1650 (Feuer) State and Local Public Contracts Eligibility – Investment in Iran, Support
    • SB 967 (Correa) Bid Preferences for Public Contracts, Oppose
    • SB 885 (Corbett) Gift Certificates – Redemption, Oppose
  •  Education (CTE)
    • SB 675 (Steinberg) Energy Job Training, Support if Amended
  • Energy/Climate Change
    • AB 2514 (Skinner) Energy Storage Systems, Oppose
    • SB 722 (Simitian/Kehoe/Steinberg) Renewable Energy Resources, Oppose
  • Environmental
    • AB 737 (Chesbro) Solid Waste Diversion, Oppose
    • AB 2398 (Perez, John) Product Stewardship – Carpet, Oppose Unless Amended
    • SB 797 (Pavley) Bisphenol A Ban, Oppose
    • SB 1284 (Ducheny) Water Quality – Mandatory Minimum Penalties, Support
    • SB 1433 (Leno) Air Pollution Penalties – Inflation Adjustment, Oppose
  • Labor & Employment
    • AB 569 (Emmerson) Meal Period Carve-Out for Transportation, Oppose
    • AB 933 (Fong) Workers’ Comp., Utilization Review, Oppose
    • AB 2340 (Monning) Bereavement Leave, Oppose
    • AB 2437 (Perez, Manny) Economic Development – California Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, Support
    • AB 2734 (Perez, John) Office of Economic Development, Support if Amended
    • SB 657 (Steinberg) Anti-Human Trafficking Corporate Policy Mandate, Oppose
    • SB 1231 (Corbett) Public Contracts – Slave and Sweat Free Code of Conduct, Oppose
  • Regulatory Reform
    • SB 1351 (Wright) CARB Regulation Adoption Requirements, Support
  • Taxation
    • AB 2492 (Ammiano) Property Tax – Commercial Property, Oppose
    • AB 2666 (Skinner) Tax Expenditure Reporting – Corporations, Oppose
    • SB 1272 (Wolk) Income & Corporation Taxes – Performance Metrics & Sunsets, Oppose
    • SB 1391 (Yee) Income & Corporation Taxes – Disallowance of Tax Credits, Oppose

We are pleased that the following bills will remain in the committee:

  • Energy/Climate Change
    • AB 2329 (Ruskin) Climate Action Team, Oppose
    • AB 2598 (Brownley) Climate Change – Sea Level Action Plan, Oppose
  • Environmental
    • AB 479 (Chesbro) Solid Waste Diversion, Oppose
    • SB 1100 (Corbett) Product Stewardship – Household Batteries, Oppose
    • SB 928 (Simitian) Consumer Products - Content Information, Oppose
  • Labor & Employment
    • AB 1827 (Arambula) Unemployment Ins., In-Person Assistance at One Stop Career Centers, Oppose
  •  Taxation
    • AB 1178 (Portantino) Federal Tax Conformity, Oppose
    • AB 1511 (De Leon) Income Taxes – Single Sales Factor/Unitary Sharing/Net Operating Losses, Oppose

We are very disappointed that these bills were not passed out of the committee:

  • Education (CTE)
    • AB 2446 (Furutani) Graduation Requirement, Support
  • Regulatory Reform
    • AB 2328 (Niello) CARB Board Membership – Small Business, Support
    • AB 2738 (Niello) Regulations – Statement of Reasons, Support


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