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By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Sept. 10, 2010

SB 657 (President pro Tempore Darrel Steinberg, D-Sacramento) empowers the Attorney General, (AG) to force certain retail sellers and manufacturers doing business in this state to disclose their efforts to discover and eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.

Many CMTA members are leaders in global and regional initiatives to improve working conditions and prevent abuses such as human trafficking and slavery. We believe that their efforts, in partnership with government, law enforcement, and non-governmental organizations, will make a significant difference around the world.

Unfortunately, SB 657 does nothing to directly and effectively combat slavery and human trafficking. Instead, the forced disclosure requirement is a punitive and heavy-handed approach that ignores the burden and costs to state taxpayers and California companies. Compliance will be difficult and the law could trap well-intentioned companies in expensive litigation.

There will be tremendous pressure on the Governor to sign this bill due to the sensitive nature of the topic and high profile supporters, including Emmy award winner Julia Ormond.  Your help is crucial.

Send a letter to the Governor asking for a veto. A letter from you will be meaningful to show broad opposition. The linked template has appropriate information.  Many of you have tremendous stories about how you are working in this area, why the bill is simply not necessary and could be extremely problematic. You can pick up on the issues that matter most to you, such as the prospect of harmful litigation and how the posting requirements are unclear and difficult to comply with. You can fax your letter to 916-327-1009.

Pass this along to other interested groups or industries, perhaps your supply chain. We are proud of our efforts to address this problem. Make others aware of this bill!

All communications with the Governor are confidential. 

  • The most troublesome aspects of the bill are here,
  • A short backgrounder with positive messaging about the good work being done by companies is here, and
  • A template for letters to the Governor is here.


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