Some CMTA tweets this week

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Sept. 24, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend


  • RT @michaelshaw76 @aaronmclear: First SNL now Jon Stewart. Public sentiment continues to turn against unions
  • Meal & Rest regulations fix should be for all workers and industries, not just Unions: #camnfg #2millionjobs
  • California's Failed Statesmen - J. Kotkin says it's not too late to get the state back on track w/ a new vision -
  • Veto messg. from #gov on SB1272: Sunset spending entitlements instead of job-creating& competitive tax incentives.BRAVO
  •  #prop23 a dead heat -- -- Tell everyone you know to support CA's economy and vote #Yeson23


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