Final Green Chemistry regs released

By CMTA Staff

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On Tuesday, November 16th, California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) announced the beginning of a 15-day public notice and comment period for their proposed Green Chemistry regulations and the availability of documents added to the rulemaking file.  These regulations pertain to identification of chemicals of concern in consumer products, evaluation of their alternatives, and regulatory responses for selected alternatives.

There are significant changes since the draft regulations.  The Green Chemistry Alliance (of which CMTA was a founding member) will be studying these changes in depth over the next week.  All references to “nanotechnology products” appear to have been eliminated.  DTSC has stated that their initial phase will focus on children’s products, personal care products and household cleaning products.

If you produce a consumer product (the definition is very broad) or if chemical use is important to your operations, we encourage you to look over these regulations as voluminous as they are (110 pages with strikeouts).  This will be the final chance for you to comment.  Previously submitted comments are no longer being considered.

Here is a copy of their notice and a synopsis of the changes:

You will need to look at the actual changes, however, to make sure your concerns are satisfied.  The revised text for the Safer Consumer Product Alternatives regulations can be found at: http://www/

The text with strikeouts (Attachment 1) and additional comments added to the rulemaking file from external scientific peer reviewers (Attachment 2) are available at:

Written comments will be accepted until 5:00 PM on December 3rd and must either be submitted by e-mail to: or by U.S. mail to:

    Regulations Coordinator
    Department of Toxic Substances Control
    Regulations Section
    P.O. Box 806
    Sacramento, CA  95812-0806

Written comments received after that time will be added to the rulemaking file, but DTSC is not obligated to consider or respond to late comments.  Written comments must clearly indicate if they are in reference to the revised text of the proposed regulations Safer Consumer Product Alternatives or in reference to the documents listed in Attachment 2.

Inquiries regarding the technical aspects of the proposed regulation should be directed to Odette Madriago of DTSC at (916)323-4927 or, if unavailable, Corey Yep at (916)445-3601.  However, such oral inquiries are not part of the rulemaking record.

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