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  • LA Mayor Villaraigosa: ""The most powerful defenders of the status quo are the teachers' unions." #cacte #careertech- Dec 10th
  • Calif. ranks 48th in ‘business friendliness’ : #camnfg- Dec 10th
  • AFPCalifornia California style job creation: 115,000 new green jobs by 2020 by driving 1.1 million jobs out of state. Dec 10th
  • Bill_Watkins Those folks over at Next10 are seriously confused. Dec 10th
  • The Battle for Brains. As US stumbles to recovery, advantage will go to states with the best-educated workers. Dec 9th
  • Don't forget about big business in CA: #camnfg- Dec 9th
  • They said if we passed AB32, Cleantech manufacturing jobs would flock to California (pp. 11-13). Dec 9th
  • "Every kind of manufacturing job in CA has gone down ever since the green fever took hold." Santa Monica Daily Press #camnfg- Dec 7th
  • Shanghai takes lead in academic testing. US and other western nations lag. The Chinese are relentless achievers. Dec 7th
  • CA has 6 of the 14 most unemployed most populous cities RT @WSJ_Econ: Jobless rates 4 biggest US cities Dec 7th
  • #camnfg says YES!!! - Gov. Schwarzenegger's COS, Susan Kennedy on AB 32: "It's all about the per kilowatt cost of electricty"- Dec 7th
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger's COS, Susan Kennedy on AB 32: We have never went back and looked how to develop a least-cost energy program. We must.- Dec 7th
  • Edison International's Ted Craver on CA AB 32 program: We (CA) are already one of the lowest emitting states.- Dec 7th
  • Edison International's Ted Craver on CA AB 32 program: "We have to understand we will be a high cost state if we implement this program."- Dec 7th
  • LADWP on 33% RPS: "Whether we can cost-effectively and reliably add that much renewable energy remains to be seen." Dec 6th
  • Congratulations. Bishop-Wisecarver Earns Green Business Cert. BWC Pres, Pamela Kan, is Vice-Chair of CMTA Board. Dec 6th
  • CMTA congratulates its former communications director, Jeff Gorell, on getting sworn in as Assemblymember for AD 37. Dec 6th
  • Vranich on Fox Biz: 193 Companies Say 'So Long' to California in 2010 #camnfg- Dec 6th
  • Bill_Watkins Day after Day, More People Leaving L.A.  Cristiano opts out.- Dec 6th
  • The College Debt Bubble: Is It Ready to Explode? For many people, college no longer pays off as an investment. Dec 6th
  • RT @NewsHour: Half of recent college grads are working in jobs that either don't require a degree or not working at all. Dec 5th
  • RT @CNETNews: U.S. chip manufacturing in the age of the iPad Dec 5th


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