Applicant attorneys and teamsters join forces

By CMTA Staff

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The political landscape in the workers’ compensation system is changing.  Yesterday, Jan. 20th, the California Applicants Attorneys Association (CAAA) announced that they had signed an agreement that now affiliates them with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

The Teamsters union represents nearly 250,000 workers in California ranging from farm workers, truck drivers, construction workers, workers within legal divisions and many others.

The two organizations have agreed to coordinate their activities and pursue mutual interests relating to policy and politics. They will remain separate organizations but united in their efforts on policy and candidate support.

Barry Broad, California legislative advocate for the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council, said the affiliation agreement helps both organizations meet the needs of their memberships and of their larger constituencies. He added that the Teamsters will benefit from CAAA’s expertise on workers' comp and safety and health issues, the Teamsters local presence throughout the state and from its public policy expertise for working people. CAAA President Barry Hinden said the power of the two organizations to focus on issues through legislation, public policy and political action will substantially increase.

This new union between CAAA and the Teamsters may change the participants in the debate, but is unlikely to change either organization’s position on Workers’ Comp. issues.

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