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Capitol Update, June 3, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • Yale Professor sees the 'Economic stagnation' light at 30,000 feet: Jun 1
  • Chevron CEO: CA needs to adopt common sense business principles GROW #camnfg ! #2millionjobs Jun 1
  • CA Jobs Now: Manufacturing helps families secure a place in the middle class! Cut the red tape that kills blue collar jobs! May 31
  • Kevin Jeffries: Film industry just granted tax breaks 72-1. Too bad other job sectors aren't seen as equally worthy of assistance by the legislature. May 31
  • LT. Gov. Gavin Newsom, CMTA & CCPOA launch June 29 CA Manufacturing Summit. Details: Release: May 26
  • Ted Lieu: @CaliforniaLabor #bwp2011 For starters, we need a coordinated state economic plan and a state trade, jobs & commerce agency. May 25
  • TX wins the 10-year national job creation race with 732,800 new jobs. CA comes in last by losing 623,700 jobs. May 24
  • Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom focuses on CA econmic development plan: GROW #camnfg! May 23
  • "Solar manufacturing advantage: Oregon" (Not California) GROW #camnfg! May 23
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