Paycheck protection ballot measure approved for circulation

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, June 3, 2011

A ballot measure that would dramatically change the fundraising and political contribution opportunities of employee unions and corporations has been cleared by the Secretary of State for circulation and has already raised a reported $345,000.  The measure, known as the “Stop Special Interest Money Now Act,” would prohibit unions and corporations from using dues automatically deducted from a member’s paycheck for political contributions unless the member gives written consent.  The measure would also prohibit both corporate and labor union contributions to candidates and prohibit government contractors from contributing money to government officials who award them contracts.  You may recall that a similar effort, supported by former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, was defeated by voters in 2005.

To qualify for the 2012 ballot, the measure will need to collect 504,760 valid signatures by October 24th.

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