Assembly budget panel votes to keep Cal/OSHA Standards Board

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, June 3, 2011

In Governor Brown’s May budget revise, he suggested the elimination of the Cal/OSHA Standards Board. This a board made up of both labor and business representatives that help the safety and health division develop regulations and help with compliance of the law. Last week the Senate Budget subcommittee concurred with that recommendation. However, this week the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on State Administration voted unanimously to keep the standards board thus sending this issue into conference committee. Both labor and business support keeping the board.

CMTA and others believe that eliminating the Standards Board would remove the balanced and open rulemaking process.  In addition, it would not result in any savings to the General Fund since the funding for the Board comes from employer assessments and federal funding.

According to the Brown administration, getting rid of the Standards Board would eliminate an extra layer of bureaucracy and convert the Board to an advisory committee within Cal/OSHA. The administration maintains that it would preserve the labor, management and scientific expertise provided by the Standards Board.

Later this month the Joint Conference Committee will need to reconcile the different votes taken between the Senate and the Assembly.  Both business and labor will continue to fight to restore the Board back into the budget.

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