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AB 32 scoping plan supplement: 45-day public comment

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

Capitol Update, June 17, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has released a “Supplement to the AB 32 Scoping Plan Functional Equivalent Document (FED)” prepared in accordance with CARB’s Certified Regulatory Program and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  This action is in response to a recent court ruling that found the CARB cap-and-trade plan did not meet the requirements of CEQA since it did not sufficiently explore alternatives.

Although ARB is currently appealing the ruling, it has released the Supplement that provides an expanded analysis of the five alternatives to the Scoping Plan analyzed in the FED: a no project alternative, an alternative based on cap-and-trade, an alternative based on source-specific regulatory requirements, an alternative based on a carbon fee or tax, and an alternative program based on a variation of proposed strategies.  The release commences a 45-day public review and comment period that will end on July 28th.

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On August 24th, CARB will hold a hearing on this topic at the Calif. Environmental Protection Agency Building, in the Byron Sher Auditorium, in Sacramento.

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