Gino DiCaro

Workers’ Comp Webinar

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

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The Latest from Sacramento
June 28, 10am

As a California employer, you know that what happens in Sacramento does NOT stay in Sacramento. Every day, California lawmakers are making decisions that affect your ability to create and retain jobs, including the costs you pay for workers' compensation.

Join us on June 28 for a FREE webinar to learn what political dynamics are driving action in Sacramento and how developments in the State Capitol will affect your organization's future budget and bottom-line. Most importantly, you'll hear how you can TAKE ACTION and fight for an effective, affordable workers' compensation system for employers and injured workers.

This event is co-hosted by the Workers' Compensation Action Network and the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation. CMTA is a participating member.

Register today and prepare to learn:

  • How the changing faces of the Legislature have already affected the political climate under the Dome
  • What effect those changes are having in the workers' compensation policy arena
  • What are the key work comp issues currently under debate
  • Which specific bills could potentially alter the work comp landscape
  • What you can do to influence the outcome

Whether you are small business or large public agency, this educational session brought to you by leading employer organizations will help you anticipate coming changes and be part of needed solutions in 2011.

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