Workers’ Compensation Reforms Approved

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Sept. 18, 2003 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

As follow up to last week's article in the CMTA's Legislative Weekly, the Workers’ Compensation Conference Committee Report was approved by both houses on September 12 on a party line vote. In voting against the report, Republican members in both houses criticized the report for reforms that do not go far enough and do not provide enough savings to lower employers’ premium cost.

While the report contained significantly less reforms and savings than what the employer community was seeking, CMTA and other employer representatives supported the report as a good first step toward reining in California's spiraling workers’ compensation costs. There is nothing in the two major bills coming out of the report, SB 228 (Richard Alarcon, D-Sun Valley) and AB 227 (Juan Vargas, D-San Diego), that is so negative that it would cause us to give up the favorable reforms and the potential savings in the bill.

The committee report is on the Governor's desk and he has indicated that he will sign the bills.

For details on the report, refer to CMTA's Legislative Weekly Archive:
Floor Vote on Workers' Compensation Conference Committee Report Today, September 12

CMTA sponsored and succeeded in passing SB 1007 (Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough) to allow more manufacturers to qualify to join groups to purchase worker's compensation insurance by expanding the definition of "common trade or business" in the law. Thanks to Senator Speier for carrying this important bill for manufacturers.
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