Green chemistry update from DTSC director

By CMTA Staff

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On Thursday, July 7th, the Green Chemistry Alliance, of which CMTA was a founding association, met with Debbie Rafael, the new director of the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).  Ms. Rafael previously served with the City of Santa Monica and the City of San Francisco in charge of their environmental programs.

She said that her time to date in the position has been learning as much as she can about the multitude of DTSC activities.  She also stated that she has found the job both exhilarating and exhausting.

As far as Green Chemistry regulations, she wants to get something in place as soon as possible.  She still needs to clarify DTSC’s working relationship with the Governor’s office.  She stated that new regulations need to be practical, meaningful and legally defensible and in that light, she has been working closely with the Attorney General’s office.  She does not intend to put out multiple drafts as has been done in the past.  Her primary message seemed to be that she was reaching out to industry to provide information on what is needed to make the regulations workable and not hamper innovation or the economy.

Raphael will announce DTSC’s new timetable for Green Chemistry regulations at the Green Ribbon Science Panel meeting next week.

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