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Capitol Update, July 21, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • California needs a plan to save and create jobs. Jul 20
  • KQED: TX guv headed west / RT @jasonembry Perry going back to California tomorrow "to meet with business leaders," spokesman says. Jul 19
  • ShopfloorNAM: NAM-Atlantic New Work Era Forum Must cut regs to create jobs acc to Mckinsey Global Inst - US #27 behind Thailand on ease of getting permit Jul 19
  • Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally calls manufacturing the foundation of the economy and job growth. Jul 18
  • OC printer moving to Las Vegas: "CA is lovely ... But providing a stable economic environment was more important... Jul 18
  • Jack Stewart: RFK, Jr. plays the NIMBY card on Nantucket's Wind Power Rip-off: Vastly cheaper forms of green energy are available. Jul 17
  • Ultimately, the only progressive agenda that can work – from the environment to healthcare to education – rests on... Jul 16
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