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Capitol Update, Aug. 19, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend


  • California's cap-and-trade needs to be well-designed to protect manufacturers GROW #camnfg jobs Aug 17th
  • Another manufacturer gone: CA precision metal company goes to Texas because "CA taxes and fees are too high" Aug 16th
  • Solar: Evergreen shifting 800 jobs to China...further, their stock in 2007=$100, now=$3 #manufacturing Aug 15th
  • It's time for California to come up with an action plan to put more than 2 million unemployed back to work. If... Aug 14th
  • It's time for California come up with an action plan to put our 2 million unemployed back to work. If putting... Aug 14th
  • More CA manufacturing consolidating OUTSIDE of CA. 270 ventilator #mfg jobs soon to be gone from Palm Springs.… Aug 11th
  • #Mfg #Congress State Manufacturing Associations Urge Administration to Stop New Ozone Standards Aug 11th
  • Check out chaptered snippets of CMTA's Summit MT @foratv: @ctlett Summit video via @cmta? Aug 10th


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