Manufacturing Summits Update

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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Approximately 120 people were on hand in Union City on September 19th for a meeting cosponsored by CMTA and the Economic Development Alliance for Business (EDAB). Alameda County Supervisor and EDAB Chairman, Keith Carson convened the meeting on manufacturing which featured CMTA President Jack Stewart and a panel of Bay Area Manufacturers, including CMTA member NUMMI. Deryl Sturdevant, NUMMI's General Manager of Engineering and Executive Director of Environmental Management, articulated the problems his company faces in the Bay Area in light of enormously increasing costs in the areas of energy, environmental regulation, workers' compensation, and paid medical and family leave. Other panelists included Michael Ramsay, Sr. VP for Manufacturing at Cell Genesys biotech; Jeff Range, VP of Operations for; and Hans Schau, President of RSM products, a specialized screw machine parts fabricator. Bill Singh, President and CEO of Manex, the Corporation for Manufacturing Excellence served as the panel moderator.

CMTA President Jack Stewart effectively presented the indisputable facts that California is on the wrong course when it comes to manufacturing, and jobs are being driven out of the state at an alarming rate as a result of failed legislative mandates and public policies which are making it increasingly impossible for California manufacturing companies to effectively compete. Stewart was accompanied on the dais by Supervisor Keith Carson and moderator Vintage Foster, publisher of the East Bay Business Times who posed numerous probing questions regarding business and civic leadership with regard to manufacturing retention and growth.

The session was taped by Comcast for rebroadcast some twenty-nine times on the Bay Area county government channel. For those in the Bay Area please consult your TV listing for dates and times. Others seeking to view the tape may check with the CMTA office for details on how to procure a copy. Special thanks to Bruce Kern and his staff at EDAB for their assistance in helping to highlight this very important topic.

CMTA continues to develop and schedule its local Manufacturing Summits. Gaining attention and momentum in each of the regions, CMTA is optimistic about the influence these events will have on state and local policymakers. We will keep you posted on all of the details through our Legislative Weekly publication, as well as our individual conversations with you throughout the process.

Scheduled Regions:

* Contra Costa – The September 30th Summit in the County Supervisors’ Chambers has been postponed due to schedule conflicts. Alternate dates in Oct. 2003 are presently under consideration. This event is jointly sponsored with the Contra Costa Council, Industrial Association of Contra Costa County, and WSPA;
* Merced – October 29, County Supervisors’ Chambers. Sponsored with the Merced Chamber of Commerce;
* San Jose – November 5, County Supervisors' Chambers. Sponsored with the San Jose Chamber of Commerce; and
* Orange County – November 13, Hyatt Regency, Irvine. Sponsored with the Orange County Business Council (OCBC) and will be convened by a member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

Remaining Regions:
Modesto, Fresno, Anaheim, Torrance/Long Beach, San Fernando, and San Gabriel.

As we said in our initial introduction of these summits, the purpose is four fold: 1) to effectively highlight the plight of California manufacturers, 2) to maximize the earned media surrounding the topic, 3) to develop local support for manufacturing by building a strong grassroots network, and 4) to develop a pro-manufacturing legislative agenda for 2004. Please contact Gino DiCaro at 916-498-3347 if you are interested in serving as a panelist.
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