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Capitol Update, Sept. 15, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • @Bill_Watkins There's scant evidence Sac's political class is ready 2 engage on serious economic reform beyond hollow, meaningless rhetoric. Sep 16
  • California's unemployment rate increases to 12.1% in August: Sep 16
  • More than 40 orgs signed this ltr. asking Gov. to support economic analysis on major new CA regs. Will be great... Sep 16
  • we need career prep in public ed! MT @aliciatrost: At SB 547 presser w pro Tem. Jack Stewart says with gusto, "Gov Brown Sign This Bill!" Sep 13
  • Morain on Mississippi: "how to get a factory built that would provide jobs for working stiffs." #camnfg #mfg… Sep 11
  • Correction on earlier public goods charge tweet. It was 2/3 vote, so still failing but by more than 3 votes. #needsleep #endofsession Sep 10
  • Public goods charge on call but likely not going 2make it out of Sen, 3 votes short. #endofsession Maybe electric rates finally 2 high in CA Sep 10
  • Capitol Weekly: Correa's no vote nails the coffin shut on brown biz tax swap plan Sep 9
  • Mlagos: NOW single sales factor has passed, Perez made sure Galgiani voted yes .. but will it stall in senate? Sep 8
  • Michael Marois: California ISO says it has suspended the state's wholesale power market amid SoCal blackout tonight. Sep 8
  • MT @mlagos: single sales factor falls 1 short vote, Speaker Perez calls 1 Dem not voting-Galgiani-into his office #cabudget Sep 8
  • Don't raise taxes on 1 part of CAs #manufacturing sector 2 reduce them on another.CMTAs opposition ltr 2 mandatory #SSF Sep 8
  • 10 Factories That Changed The World Sep 7
  • Poll Shows Creating Manufacturing Jobs is Key to Recovery « Sep 7
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