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Capitol Update, Nov. 3, 2011 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Cal Portland Cement says cost of CA carbon credits could cost them $7 billion. They could halt their Colton cement operations indefinitely -- 4 Nov

RT @ShopfloorNAM Republican Presidential Forum on Manufacturing in Pella, Iowa is underway. Tune in!… #MfgPrezForum -- 1 Nov

The miracle of "fracking" (from @sbtia). California's next energy home run. -- 31 Oct

RT @peard33 For every job opening in L.A., there's 4.71 unemployed people. Almost twice as worse in Riverside  -- 31 Oct

tomorrow's prez forum webcast on manufacturing is at 8:00 am PST (not 9). Thank you for catch @awbolympia  -- 31 Oct

CMTA's Dot Rothrock discusses CA cap-n-trade costs with CARB's Mary Nichols on KCRW. Don't miss it -- 27 Oct

California-based Petco expands in Texas. Will lead to 400 to 500 jobs in San Antonio. -- 24 Oct

Jon Huntsman: In 1960, 25% of U.S. GDP was manufacturing, today it's 9%. Grow manufacturing to improve economy. -- 24 Oct

Sac Bee's Dan Walters: CA can't afford to pick winners & losers -- 23 Oct

A look at 10-year CA manufacturing trend in light of today's jobs numbers. -- 21 Oct

CA unemployment down to 11.9% but still lost 4700 #manufacturing jobs in Sept. (still 1/3rd of mfg gone in... -- 21 Oct

This while CA discusses cap N trade: WSJ: "CA isn’t expected 2 experience employment growth much faster than the... -- 20 Oct

At CARB capNtrade hearing: good AB32 cost example: $2 million a year increase for water in coachella valley, 5% increase for 400k people -- 20 Oct

Fox&Hounds -- CARB’s Emissions Tax is Out of Step with California’s Jobs Mission -- 20 Oct

At ARB hearing on CA cap-n-trade. All those yellow hats in pic are steelworkers, here 2 ask for delay to get it right. -- 20 Oct

Beyond Home Ec: Vocational Programs Are a Good Investment -- 19 Oct



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