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This is one reason why North Dakota is above the national avg. (and CA far below) in per capita manufacturing... -- Dec 21

Dan Walters explains that California's high cost of energy drives investment elsewhere. Unpredictable costs of...  -- Dec 21

San Bernardino making the case for #manufacturing. California must do the same thing! -- Dec 20

Two Los Gatos companies forced to manufacture products in China - San Jose Mercury -- Dec 20

Bruce Springsteen on America and Manufacturing. What have we lost? -- Dec 20

California's regulatory morass needs a game changing overhaul. -- Dec 20

CA unemployment improves to 11.3% in Nov. but state lost another 7,900 #manufacturing -- Dec 16

Heavy Metal Is Back: The Best Cities For Industrial Manufacturing | -- Dec 16

Texas dominates Milken's 2011 Best-Performing Cities report with 9 cities in the top 25. California's highest... -- Dec 15

Wanted: Blue-Collar Workers | Dec 15

New Study Raises Concerns About California's Low Carbon Fuel -- Dec 14

Waste Connection taking 200 jobs from California to Texas -- Dec 12

CMTA engages in Sen Ted Gaines' forum on solutions to grow California\\\\\\\'s job base in -- Dec 9


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