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Capitol Update, Jan. 13, 2012 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • Fox&Hounds -- Give Fracking a Break Jan 13
  • Excellent piece by Loren Kaye on state boards trumping Legislature on tax increases with CARB's "cap and tax" and... Jan 11
  • California slips another spot to #9 in worldwide economic rankings Jan 11
  • Los Angeles, Chicago lead nation in manufacturing-sector payrolls - The Business Journals Jan 11
  • California nanochip manufacturer wants to develop plant in New York for 200 employees. GROW #camnfg! Jan 11
  • Budget coffers already thirsty for cap-n-trade dollars Jan 9
  • Green Chemistry editorial: Difficult Q's should be governed by a clearly articulated, scientific & transparent... Jan 8
  • Investor's Biz Daily: "The Golden State Biz Exodus". Legislature's eyes still not on the ball. Need a CA game... Jan 5
  • Let’s make job growth for all Americans our top priority in 2012! Jan 4
  • AGREED! RT @mintz4assembly: Over 600,000 manufacturing left CA in the last 10 years. We need reg & tax reform to ... Jan 4
  • Green Chemistry: Regulators to Consumers: "TRUST US" -- Opinion in NC Times... Jan 2
  • Get Ready for Manufacturing's Big Comeback Jan 1
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