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Capitol Update, Feb. 3, 2012 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • CMTA Pres: Manufacturing job creation IS a State issue. We must position California to attract potential investment. Feb 4
  • Jack Stewart: 2011 US mfg jobs +212,000; CA mfg jobs -4,000 RT Michael @MichaelSaragosa @CapitolAlert @jackstew what does CMTA say? #inquiringminds Feb 1
  • State BOE Member George Runner supports CA #manufacturing sales tax exemption. #camnfg Jan 31
  • Letter from 2006 from then-Assm. Speaker Fabian Nunez stating that AB 32 was not to be a revenue raiser for CA Jan 30
  • CA is 48th of 50 in national Tax Foundation's business-friendly tax index. Jan 25
  • CA lost 2500 #manufacturing jobs in Dec, bringing annual loss to 4000. (U.S. GAINED 227,000 in same time!) GROW... Jan 20
  • Mike Rowe testimony on skilled workforce: "In 100 different ways, we've slowly marginalized an entire category of... Jan 19
  • AB 32 was not intended to be a revenue raiser for CA. Listen to CMTA's Rothrock on this topic on Larry Elder's... Jan 18
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