New commercial recycling regs take effect July 1

By CMTA Staff

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Starting July 1, businesses and public entities that generate four cubic yards or more of waste per week and multifamily dwelling of five units or more will be required to recycle.

The requirement was contained in legislation signed into law last year - AB 341 (Wes Chesbro, D-Eureka).  The purpose of this new law, as stated by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting commercial solid waste to recycling efforts and expand opportunities for additional recycling services. 

CalRecycle has provided the following information about the law and offers resources to help businesses meet the recycling requirements.

Who Must Comply

  • Businesses and public entities that generate four or more cubic yards of solid waste per week. Included in the definition of “commercial” are all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.
  • Multifamily residential dwellings that have five or more units.

How to Comply
Businesses can take one or any combination of the following in order to reuse, recycle, compost or otherwise divert solid waste from disposal:

  • Self-haul;
  • Subscribe to a hauler(s);
  • Arrange for pick-up of recyclables, and/or
  • Subscribe to a recycling service that may include mixed waste processing that yields diversion results comparable to source separation.

CalRecycle advises businesses to contact their local recycling coordinator to find out how to recycle in their community and if there are any specific requirements in their community.  Communities may have mandatory commercial recycling ordinances with different thresholds or more specific business recycling requirements than the state law. The local recycling coordinator may also have related business opportunities and/or resources to share.

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