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Capitol Update, May 4, 2012 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Premier demographer Joel Kotkin takes on why the middle class and manufacturing is suffering in California.

The New Class Warfare
California’s superwealthy progressives seem intent on destroying middle-class jobs.
by Joel Kotkin

Few states have offered the class warriors of Occupy Wall Street more enthusiastic support than California has. Before they overstayed their welcome and police began dispersing their camps, the Occupiers won official endorsements from city councils and mayors in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Irvine, Santa Rosa, and Santa Ana. Such is the extent to which modern-day “progressives” control the state’s politics.

But if those progressives really wanted to find the culprits responsible for the state’s widening class divide, they should have looked in a mirror. Over the past decade, as California consolidated itself as a bastion of modern progressivism, the state’s class chasm has widened considerably. To close the gap, California needs to embrace pro-growth policies, especially in the critical energy and industrial sectors—but it’s exactly those policies that the progressives most strongly oppose ... READ ON


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