Green Chemistry regulations released

By CMTA Staff

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On Friday, July 27th, California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) released its proposed green chemistry regulations. These regulations can be accessed HERE. At the same time that the regulations were posted on their website, DTSC announced the start of a 45-day comment period ending at the close of business on September 11th. DTSC also announced a public hearing in the Byron Sher Auditorium at CalEPA in Sacramento on September 10th beginning at 10AM.

In 2008, two bills were passed by the State legislature and signed into law, AB 1879 and SB 509. These bills established the criteria for a California green chemistry program and tasked DTSC with setting up a regulatory structure.

The proposed regulations are intended to create a systematic, science-based process to evaluate chemicals of concern, and identify safer alternatives to ensure product safety.

This program will identify chemicals of concern and then narrow the focus to specific products containing those chemicals. DTSC Director Debbie Raphael has stated that her department will focus on two to five products per year initially. Manufacturers of products that are targeted will be required to conduct an alternatives assessment for possible substitution with a safer chemical.

DTSC will review the recommendations coming out of the alternatives assessment and impose a regulatory response which could result in a product ban, acceptance of no change, required substitution, labeling requirements, product restrictions, encapsulations of toxic ingredient, etc.  Companies that do not comply will not be allowed to sell their products in the state.

We encourage all manufacturers to review these regulations very carefully. If (or when) your product gets selected into the program, the demands on company resources appear to be extensive both in time, commitment and money. Please provide your comments to Mike Rogge, CMTA’s Environmental Policy Director at

CMTA President Jack Stewart made the following formal but preliminary statement to the media:

"If these regulations are to benefit California consumers, they must reflect the realities of California's economy. Manufacturers already face significant regulatory requirements and consumers don't need new burdens. There is a way to achieve our green chemistry goals without putting up new obstacles to investment in our state. We sincerely hope that regulators have done that in this new draft."

View the Green Chemistry Alliance (of which CMTA is a founding member) press release on the regulations announcement HERE.

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