Discussions begin on changes to API

By CMTA Staff

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The Public School Accountability Act (PSAA) Advisory Committee met this week to begin discussions on the implementation of SB 1458 (Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento), a bill that was signed this year by Governor Jerry Brown and supported by CMTA. This legislation allows the state to consider the career readiness of high school students when evaluating the school's overall performance under the Academic Performance Index system, better known as the API.

Currently, the API measures school performance based solely on students' standardized test scores. By allowing for the consideration of other performance indicators, SB 1458 will ensure that the "state’s system of public school accountability [will] be more closely aligned with both the public’s expectations for public education and the workforce needs of the state’s economy."

The PSAA Advisory Committee is an appointed body by the Superintendent of Public Instruction that was created in 1999 to provide advice on matters related to school accountability programs like the API.  In this current process, it will serve as a forum for public discussion and the development of recommendations for changes to the API, pursuant to the provisions of SB 1458. These recommendations will be forwarded to the SPI for review and ultimately presented to the state Board of Education for a final decision. Any proposed changes to the API will take place beginning in 2016.

This week's meeting consisted mostly of introductory presentations, public comments from interested parties, including CMTA, and dialogue on the topic by committee members. In accordance with SB 1458, other performance indicators being considered for inclusion into the API include college preparedness and high school graduation and dropout rates. 

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