California opens website on healthcare changes

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Feb. 15, 2013

"Covered California", the state-run exchange program that oversees implementation of the federal healthcare reform act, launched a new website this week to introduce the state’s new healthcare reform program to California consumers. This launch is part of its marketing and education campaign to raise awareness about the upcoming changes to healthcare benefits and delivery starting in 2014. 

The website ( contains a portal specific to small businesses that explains coverage options, offers answers to the basic need-to-know questions and provides resources on the small business tax credit available for plans purchased under Covered California. To access this information, click here (

In addition, Covered California released standards for benefit plans offered to Californians who do not rely on employer-provided insurance or Medi-Cal for healthcare coverage.  Every health plan offered both inside and outside the exchange will contain exactly the same benefits. This will allow consumers to shop comparatively from one insurance provider to the next. However, some healthcare experts warn that the ultimate cost of coverage won't be known until rate negotiations between the state and health insurers are finalized, which is expected to occur by this June.

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