Expansion of bottle bill program proposed

By CMTA Staff

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Assemblymember Richard Gordon (D-Redwood City) is the author of AB 1001, Recycling: Voluntary Beverage Containers. This bill would increase the size and type of beverage containers included in the California Beverage Container Recycling Program. It expands the recycling requirements for beverage containers to include juice drinks larger than 46 ounces, aseptic and paperboard containers and pouches. It would also increase the California Refund Value (CRV) fee on some existing containers.

This addition to the mandatory deposit program would substantially increase the average consumer's grocery bill and disproportionately impact lower income families buying these products. 

The Beverage Container Recycling Fund (Fund) is already facing a severe deficit due to fraud perpetrated by out-of-state containers being sold to in-state recyclers to claim the already high recycling deposit. California estimates its annual fraud ranges between $5-40 million out-of-state, ineligible containers can be easily mixed in with containers that are legally eligible for deposit refund and sold to certified recyclers. While the Administration has proposed solutions for long-term repair of the Fund, expanding the program to include more containers can only exacerbate the problem.

AB 1001 is scheduled to be heard in Assembly Natural Resources on Monday, April 29th. CMTA is on record opposing the bill in its current form.

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