Strategies released to achieve 75 percent recycling goal

By CMTA Staff

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Over the past year, CalRecycle has continued discussions regarding the 75 percent diversion goal to be achieved by 2020 under AB 341 (Wesley Chesbro, D-Arcata, 2011). The Department held three workshops in an effort to engage stakeholders in dialogue on the plan to achieve the law’s goals, as well as workshops/webinars on programmatic and regulatory changes like those related to the Beverage Container Recycling Program.

The latest update provides an overview of the feedback received and next steps the Department intends to pursue in the coming years. During the meetings and workshops, there was a great deal of conversation devoted to the definition of “diversion” and whether or not it is the same as recycling. In this regard, the Department has committed to stakeholders to move forward with a more intellectually honest definition of recycling, emphasizing the differences between “recycling” and “diversion” when setting a baseline, establishing targets, and measuring success.

While the details of the final report are still developing, the update reflects the ongoing work by CalRecycle and its sister agencies to move forward with waste management recommendations that meet integrated environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives. Specifically, the update focuses on six key areas that have risen to the top: 

  • Moving Organics Out of the Landfill;
  • Continuing Reform of the Beverage Container Recycling Program;
  • Expanding the Recycling/Manufacturing Infrastructure ;
  • Exploring New Models for State and Local Funding of Materials Management Programs;
  • Promoting State Procurement of Post-Consumer Recycled Content Products; and
  • Promoting Extended Producer Responsibility.

While these are their focus areas as of today, CalRecycle is open to hearing any new ideas stakeholders may have that are not already included in the concepts within the update. They cautioned that all items are subject to change based on the legislative process. 

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