All-star lineup delivers at CMTA Board meeting

By CMTA Staff

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CMTA held its November board meeting last week in San Diego, where leaders in government and industry presented vital information to California manufacturers.

Politics took center stage when State Republican Party Chairman Jim Brultespoke about his efforts to rebuild the Republican party in California. He said that finding and recruiting candidates that are right for each district is the key to success. Board members also appreciated his observations about the potential impact of the new extended terms and open primary.

San Diego area Assembly Members Marie Waldron, Brian Maienschein, and Rocky Chavez responded to CMTA questions about their experience as freshman legislators. “California has everything going for us,” said Waldron. “Only politics are holding us back.”  Finding solutions to California challenges will take creative work across party lines and they are engaged to make this happen.

Finally, formerAssembly Speaker and now running for the State Senate Bob Hertzberg shared his views on the transformative steps we must take as a state to reach our potential. He urged the Board to reject the status quo that has left us with dysfunctional government policies. Tax reform is high on his list to ensure adequate and stable revenues that will support business growth. 

Energy supply, rates and climate change policies were covered by Ken Alex, Director of the Office of Planning and Research, Lee Schavrien, V.P. San Diego Gas & Electric, and Tom Eizember, Exxon Planning Division Manager.

We are on track to reach our 2020 greenhouse gas reduction goal and are starting to plan for our 2030 goal on the way to achieving an 80 percent reduction by 2050, said Ken Alex. Further reductions will be “difficult but it’s not rocket science,” because we have a pretty good understanding of the technologies and practices that will be required.  He noted that energy efficiency in California is good among commercial users but really poor in the residential class. It’s not often that our manufacturing community is recognized for the great strides we’ve made in efficiency in the last 20 years.

CMTA members are interested in the cost of policies to reduce greenhouse gases. Schavrien said that the loss of the San Onofre Nuclear generation facility, the state’s renewable power mandate, other greenhouse gas reduction policies, and growing demand are all contributing to dramatically increasing electricity rates. He reported that electricity rates have increased three percent each year since 2007 and predicts 15 percent increases in the near term. You can download his presentation here.

It was important to look at the bigger picture for energy supply and demand and put California into context. Eizember gave an eye-popping presentation on the sources of the world’s petroleum and the growing demands and high-carbon use of those resources in developing countries. Eizember said we are doing our part to reduce emissions here in the United States, but to make an impact on global emissions we must help developing countries become more efficient. You can download his presentation here.

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