Dow Chemical receives award

By CMTA Staff

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CMTA member, The Dow Chemical Company, was presented with an Award for Environmental Excellence at the environmental conference hosted by CMTA, CICC and IEA in San Diego on November 5th.

In 1989, The Dow Chemical Company purchased 450 acres of property adjacent to its Pittsburg, California manufacturing facility to serve as an environmental buffer zone between the site and rapidly expanding residential construction. The property included a 175 acre tidal wetlands and a 25 acre freshwater beaver pond.

Several Dow employees recognized the beauty and abundance of the property, and made plans to develop the resources. Today, some thirty employees, retirees, and community members who comprise the Dow Wetlands Environmental Team, WET Team, have for over two decades performed a labor of love restoring and enhancing the property.

WET Team members routinely plant native species of trees, shrubs and wildflowers.   To irrigate the native oak trees, the WET Team installed an iconic windmill from the movie set of the film The Unforgiven. They constructed a viewing platformandnumerous wild bird nesting boxes, installed docks, and added a recycled water irrigation system. Other enhancements have included nesting site improvements for migrating birds, and most recently a new ½ mile nature trail through the tulles and forest.

On any given Friday you can find WET Team volunteers building trails and wildlife habitat, or battling invasive water plants.  But it doesn’t stop there –Dow and the WET Team have developed a strategic partnership program thanks to effective collaboration with several local organizations, including: the Lindsay Wildlife Museum, the Earth Team, comprised of High School students in Contra Costa County who have a passion for the environment; the Antioch High School Environmental Academy, and the Los Medanos College Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Classes, that use the Wetlands as their outdoor laboratory. Every year, the WET Team organizes an Environmental Fair, and invites some 450 fourth-grade students to visit the wetlands.

CMTA offers congratulations to Dow Chemical and the Dow Wetlands Environmental Team for demonstrating the benefits of a community-wide collaborative effort to preserve valuable natural resources. 

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