Spread the word to support California manufacturing

By CMTA Staff

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It’s hard to believe – thousands of medium and small manufacturers are not members of the CMTA. Maybe they don’t know that we are the only statewide trade association solely dedicated to the well-being of California manufacturers. They are busy managing their businesses and probably feel that they “don’t have time” or enough money to participate in the association. The reality is that CMTA has membership dues schedules and options for participation that will work for every company.

We are only as effective as the depth and breadth of our membership. Get the word out to your fellow manufacturers that joining CMTA is crucial. We need everyone to get on board. 

It’s easy to explain why all manufacturers should join CMTA. We are in Sacramento all year fighting for manufacturers. We tell California lawmakers and regulators what they need to know to make good decisions that support manufacturing:

That manufacturing is vitally important to the California economy. Maintaining a high quality of life depends on a vibrant and growing manufacturing sector. California manufacturers – the most productive and energy efficient companies in the world – already support 1.2 million employees and provide billions in state and local tax revenues. California should compete for new manufacturing investments and expansions that are up for grabs each year. New innovative products designed and manufactured here would create thousands of new high-wage technical and professional level jobs for the growing California population. 

How they can help manufacturers grow and prosper in California.Manufacturers can prosper here with sensible government policies that support consumer and worker protection, a skilled workforce, a clean environment and adequate government revenues for infrastructure and important public services. New manufacturing investment and job creation will be promoted by a predictable tax and regulatory environment that cost-effectively accomplishes these goals. California manufacturers can compete in global markets if we minimize unnecessary costs of litigation, overly-intrusive regulations, and uncompetitive levels of taxation.

How their bills and regulations will hurt or help California manufacturers. Thousands of bills and regulations are introduced or amended each year in California. We monitor and actively lobby the hundreds of proposals that impact California manufacturing in the areas of taxation, labor, environmental protection, energy, workers compensation, litigation, workforce development, and more. CMTA lobbyists work directly with manufacturers to find and communicate to policymakers the proposals that will solve important problems with the best possible outcome for manufacturers.

The bottom line is that every manufacturer should be a member and stand up for sensible state policies. Spread the word to your network of suppliers, vendors and industry colleagues. Direct them to www.cmta.net

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