Schwarzenegger Proposes Environmental Initiatives

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Oct. 10, 2003

Schwarzenegger proposes a number of environmental initiatives to address California's “serious environmental challenges, which have a profound impact on public health and the economy.”

Of interest to CMTA members, he would “cut air pollution by 50% and restore independence from foreign oil” by investing in hydrogen refueling stations on major freeways, expediting state and local government use of clean fuel vehicles, getting gross-polluting vehicles off the road, and reducing congestion on California freeways.

He would also direct the Air Resources Board to examine the impact of the federal decision to exempt new sources of industrial air pollution from “new source review.” SB 288 (Byron Sher, D-Stanford), opposed by CMTA and signed by Governor Davis, will prevent new federal rules on NSR from taking effect in California. CMTA believes that the federal rules would actually improve air quality by removing cost barriers to modernization of industrial facilities. We will participate in any review of this issue to ensure manufacturers can afford to expand in California.

To protect California water supplies, he would fully implement existing water quality programs, such as municipal storm water permit programs and Total Maximum Daily Load programs. We believe that these programs should be implemented by addressing the most impaired water bodies first, using the limited agency resources in a cost-effective manner. To protect drinking water, he would urge Congress to fully restore CAL-FED funding immediately and increase conservation and the use of market-based mechanisms to create environmental and economic gains for the state.
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