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By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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Air Resources Board
The Air Resources Board (Board) is a branch of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The Board oversees all air pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain health-based air quality standards. In addition, the Board gives financial and technical help to 35 local districts establishing controls on industrial emissions. The Board is also responsible for the control of motor vehicle and consumer products air pollution, and the identification and control of toxic air contaminants.

The Board consists of eleven members appointed by the Governor, one with the consent of the Senate. All members serve "at the pleasure of the Governor" on a part-time basis, except the chairman, who serves full time. Dr Alan Lloyd currently holds this post.

California Integrated Waste Management Board
The CIWMB 2001 vision statement looks “toward a desirable, achievable future, where materials used in all aspects of manufacturing and the production of goods and services are managed to create sustainable systems – systems that reduce environmental impacts and that value, invest in, and reward long-term environmental benefits. This is a future where Californians buy green, build green, grow green, drive green, and live green.”

The Governor appoints four of the six members of the Board for four year terms. Two appointments expire January 1, 2004 (Jose Medina and Steven Jones), another two expire January 1, 2005 (Michael Paparian and Linda Moulton-Patterson).

State Water Resources Control Board
The Board is responsible for protecting all water quality and water supplies in California, and responsible for the allocation of surface water supplies for agricultural, public trust, and urban purposes throughout the State.

Five board members are appointed for four year terms subject to Senate confirmation. Peter Silva’s term will expire January 15, 2004, followed by Gary Carlton and Nancy Sutley January 15, 2005. Arthur G. Baggett, Jr., Chair of the Board, will serve until January 2007.

Regional Water Quality Control Boards
The Governor appoints nine members to each of nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards. Subject to senate confirmation, the appointments fulfill seven categories of representation: water supply, conservation, and production; irrigated agriculture; industrial water use; municipal government; county government; recreation, fish and wildlife; public; and two water quality members. (No person can serve who has received, during the previous two years, a significant portion of his income from any person subject to waste discharge requirements or applicants for waste discharge requirements.)

Approximately one-third of the regional water board members have terms that expired in September 2003 and could be filled by Governor Davis and confirmed by the Senate, if the body convenes and takes action before Schwarzenegger is sworn in.
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