Governor Schwarzenegger gives first press conference

By CMTA Staff

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On November 18, 2003 at the historical Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his first official press conference one day after being sworn in as California’s 38th Governor.

Just like his first day in office, in which the Governor immediately repealed the vehicle license fee, called a special session of the legislature, recently proposed regulatory laws and mandated a review of all new regulations in the last five years, today he outlined several specific issues that he will be working with the legislature:

• A repeal of SB 60 – the illegal immigrant driver’s license bill
• A constitutional spending cap
• Additional funding for local government
• Workers’ compensation reform

The Governor pointed out that these four agenda items were merely just a beginning.
“Clearly what I have proposed here is just a first step. I urge every citizen of California to contact their legislators allowing your voice to be heard”, said Schwarzenegger.

In what was a mildly amusing moment, he stated that he “planned to cut his own salary and send it to the general fund.”

Through various questions and his own commentary, the Governor seemed poised and well-spoken commenting on the importance of education, putting a freeze on state hiring and creating jobs and a thriving business climate. The entire press conference underscored his most important inaugural quote – “I will not rest until California is a competitive job-creating machine.”

CMTA will work with the legislature and Schwarzenegger in the coming weeks, to lessen the enormous burden on California employers.
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