Schwarzenegger Orders Regulatory Reform

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Nov. 21, 2003 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Moments after being sworn in as California's 38th Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order to reform the last 5 years of regulatory burden on California businesses.

Specifically, the executive order does the following:

* Directs all agencies to request the return of any proposed regulations not yet fully adopted in order to review for six months;
* Stops the processing of new regulations for a six month period;
* Suspends or postpones effective dates of regulations not yet effective;
* Calls for a reassessment of the impact on business of any of these not-yet-adopted regulations and a report to the Legal Affairs Secretary;
* Mandates a report on all regulations adopted or amended since January 6, 1999 within 90 days; and
* Mandates that the OAL director appoint an advisory body on regulatory matters and report to the Governor's office.

CMTA was pleased to work with the Governor's transition team to help develop this process for reducing costly and burdensome regulations. In a regulatory reform project already under way, CMTA has begun to identify ways government can be more accountable and cost-effective.

To participate in the project, contact Loretta Macktal at to obtain a copy of CMTA's Questionnaire.
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