Survey shows voters embrace Governor's workers' compensation reform legislation

By CMTA Staff

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On February 25, 2004, CMTA president Jack Stewart participated in a press conference
with Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce, Chris George, Chairman of the small Business Action Network and Jan van Lohuizen of Voter/Consumer Research in unveiling a new survey that shows nearly 80 percent of California voters support the cost-cutting workers’ compensation reforms sponsored by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The survey, co-sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce and the Workers’ Compensation Action Network (WCAN) sampled 800 randomly selected California voters. The study was done by the national polling firm Voter/Consumer Research of Washington, D.C.

Some of the most compelling data includes:

•70 percent believe the workers’ compensation system is too expensive and costs must be reduced to make it affordable, while only 19 percent believe benefits are inadequate and should be increased.

•85 percent of voters believe the state’s business climate is in bad shape.

•Voters overwhelmingly agreed (90 percent) that California must have objective medical standards in evaluating work-related injuries.

“This survey should be a wake up call to the legislature,” said Jack Stewart, president of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association and a WCAN co-chair. “There is little question that private employers, pubic entities and nonprofit organizations are going to see major reform to reduce costs. We call on the legislature to enact this reform package now so that all employers – public, private and charitable – can get the lower costs we need without the expense and needless delay of going directly to voters.”

Detailed analysis of polling results

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