How Energy Policies Affect California’s Economy & Jobs: CMTA Energy Conference July 28-30, Tahoe)

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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Three weeks ago, the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee narrowly approved AB 2006 (Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles) which deals with an array of issues, including utility procurement and cost recovery, retail direct access (DA) and resource adequacy. The bill will be heard again early next month. Ninety miles away in San Francisco, the California Public Utilities Commission is grappling with many of the same issues as well as general rate cases for the state’s two largest investor-owned utilities. Meanwhile, rates for the largest industrial customers are still 36 to 85 percent higher than before the 2000-2001 electricity crisis due to legislative and regulatory mandates. In contrast, two-thirds of residential users actually pay rates that are lower than rates in effect in 1996. Industrial customers were hit hard with massive rate increases three years ago and desperately need lower electricity rates to stay competitive in California.

Sound familiar?

Supply challenges, the impact of the ongoing crisis on manufacturers, and core-noncore market design will be the focus of the CMTA Energy Conference July 28-30. Invited speakers will share their insights, technical knowledge and real world experience to highlight the competing policy options on the table and how the tradeoffs will affect California’s economy, particularly the manufacturing sector.

The first day of the conference will include panel discussions on resource adequacy and infrastructure investment, market structure, direct access and retail rates for industrial customers, and natural gas issues.

The second day of the conference will include a wrap-up roundtable discussion on how to reform energy policy to support the California economy and manufacturing, hosted by Arthur J. O’Donnell, Energy Central’s National Editorial Director-Newsletters, and author of "Soul of the Grid." Among the panelists: Senator Debra Bowen (D-Marina del Rey), Assemblymembers Keith Richman (R-Northridge) and Joe Canciamilla (D-Pittsburg), CEC Commissioner John Geesman, John Fielder of Southern California Edison and Jim Detmers of the California Independent System Operator. Dan Skopec in the Governor's Administration has been invited.

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