Opportunity to Participate in Voluntary Energy Conservation Program

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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California set a record on Wednesday, July 21: electricity usage reached an all-time high of 44,360 megawatts. It was the third straight record-setting day and an indication of what can happen when temperatures rise and the economy starts to pull out of a recession.

While most experts predict that the state will be able to manage electricity demands and resources this summer, the margins for supply are tight enough that under certain conditions, such as extended hot weather with a plant or transmission outage, the need for load shedding for interruptible customers and involuntary outages could arise.

To avoid the enormous costs and inconvenience of electricity outages, the California Independent System Operator (ISO) is reviving a successful program used during the height of the energy crisis to reduce electricity use at times of peak demand.

The ISO Voluntary Load Reduction Program (VLRP) asks participating businesses to reduce their energy consumption when the ISO declares a Stage One Emergency. The goal is to prevent escalation of an emergency to higher levels that could require more severe actions, including rotating outages.

The program is very simple and effective: when the ISO declares a stage one emergency, a notice is automatically sent to participants to reduce their electricity consumption by any amount that they are willing to make available. The start and end time of the curtailment is specified in the message.

CMTA has joined the VLRP and will provide notices to our participating members.

To sign up for the program and receive alerts: http://www.cmta.net/insert_energy_reduction_participant.php
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