Five CMTA Members Receive Environmental Awards

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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On December 2nd, CMTA member companies Lockheed Martin, Solar Turbines, SC Johnson, Continental Maritime (a subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Corp.) and US Borax were recognized for their commitment in exceeding regulatory requirements.

The Environmental Responsibility Awards are given each year by the Industrial Environmental Association (IEA) to companies that exemplify innovative and successful solutions to environmental problems.

Listed below are their success stories:

Lockheed Martin

Since 1983, Lockheed Martin has implemented extensive pollution prevention practices, which include:

1. A facility wide recycling program;
2. Product substitution & conversions from solvent based to aqueous cleaning; and
3. Chemical processing facility & hazardous materials/waste management improvements.

The results are astounding:

* Hazardous waste reduction from 6,100 tons in 1985 to 380 tons in 2004 (99 percent reduction);
* Reducing volume of metal bearing waste from 180,000 gal/day in 1983 to under 200 gal/day in 03 (99 percent reduction);
* Reducing the amount of ozone depleting chemicals from 660,000 pounds in 1987 to less than 100 pounds in 2003 (99 percent reduction); and
* Reducing the solid waste disposed of from 3,750 tons in 1990 to 1,160 in 2004 (+99 percent reduction).

Solar Turbines

Solar Turbines, manufacturer of gas turbines for use in power generation, natural gas compression, and pumping systems was recognized for their work in developing the Mercury 50 – a turbine high on efficiency and low on emissions, including C02.

SC Johnson

SC Johnson was recognized for going beyond regulatory compliance in developing a program called Greenlist. The Greenlist program classifies and screens elements used in their products. The chemicals that are then deemed harmful are modified to become safer and cleaner.

Since the implementation of the program in 2001, SC Johnson has improved its environmental classification score by 12.5 percent, which exceeded their original goal of 8 percent.

Continental Maritime

Located in the San Diego bay, Continental Maritime has been recognized by the IEA for their achievement in making their facility the first zero discharge shipyard in the nation. Through implementation of a three-step process, Continental Maritime successfully removed various affluent discharges from their facility, thus making it environmentally friendly.

US Borax

US Borax was acknowledged for their accomplishments in sustainability, including:

* Rehabilitating 50 acres of land each year;
* Committing to reduce greenhouse gases by 3 percent by 2008;
* Reducing fuel consumption by 5 percent in 2003;
* Achieving compliance with Global Reporting Initiative Guidlines;
* Maintaining ISO 14001 certification;
* Investing in air monitoring programs that address health experts' and community concerns; and
* Reducing water use by 16 percent since 1999.

CMTA is proud to represent these innovative manufacturers and congratulates all award winners and nominees for their environmental dedication.
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