Fortune's 2005 “100 Best Companies to Work For”: 10 CMTA members make list – S.C. Johnson & Son and Valero Energy rank in top 25

By Loretta Macktal, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Government Relations

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Fortune Magazine recently announced their "100 Best Companies to Work For" and CMTA is proud to report that 10 member companies made this year's list. With over 1,000 companies eligible, Fortune Magazine evaluated 356 companies based on policies, corporate culture and the opinions of the company's own employees.

Two-thirds of the total score came from a 57 question survey created by the Great Place to Work Institute, which was distributed to a minimum of 350 randomly selected employees in each company. The survey asked things such as attitudes towards management, job satisfaction and camaraderie. The remaining one-third of the total score was rated by the magazine for issues such as credibility (communication to employees), respect (opportunities and benefits), fairness (compensation and diversity) and pride/camaraderie (philanthropy and celebrations).

Below are the CMTA member companies who made the top 100:

7 – S.C. Johnson
23 – Valero Energy
52 – Guidant
58 – General Mills
66 – Procter & Gamble
76 – Pfizer
82 – PricewaterhouseCoopers
83 – Monsanto
90 – Deloitte & Touche
91 – Morrison & Foerster

S.C. Johnson & Son ranked 7th overall, but was rated 1st in "Longest Company-Paid Maternity Leave." They are just 1 of 4 companies that offer paid leave beyond the time a mother is deemed "disabled." In addition, they ranked 1st in "Most Widely Used Day Care" which is paid entirely by S.C. Johnson & Son.

Both PricewaterhouseCoopers (3rd) and Pfizer (6th) ranked in "Most Paid Time Off" – based on the best combination of paid vacations plus holidays for full-time workers after at least one year on the job.

Finally, Monsanto ranked 6th out of 10 with the smallest percentage of employees who voluntarily quit during the 12-month period surveyed.
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