LNG Safety Compendium Released

By CMTA Staff

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The just released consultant report, entitled "International and National Efforts to Address the Safety and Security Risks of Importing Liquefied Natural Gas: A Compendium," examines risk assessment, safety and security procedures, as well as the responsibilities of the many federal, state, and local agencies responsible in the permitting and operational oversight of LNG facilities.

As California considers hosting LNG ports, state and local agencies are evaluating objective data on the safety of liquefied natural gas.   The compendium describes the LNG industry’s sophisticated and efficient safety and security regulations and practices.  It emphasizes that a "large array of laws, regulations, standards, and guidelines are currently in place to avoid and respond to all releases of LNG.  These requirements affect LNG facilities’ design, construction, operation and maintenance."

In addition, the compendium identifies current safeguards against a terrorist attack.    The report, in part, states that "recently developed maritime security laws and regulations now join the many rules, regulations, and guidelines put forth by the International Maritime Organization, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Coast Guard and ship classification societies to regulate LNG shipping facilities.  These measures are supplemented by non-mandatory operational guidelines issued by professional and trade organizations."

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CMTA is leading the "CAL-Case" coalition of 50 organizations, businesses and associations dedicated to increasing natural gas imports into California.  To meet the growing demand for clean-burning natural gas, the coalition advocates for the approval of facilities to allow for the importation of LNG.

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