Homeland Security Bill Transforms to New #

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, July 1, 2005 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

AB 1775 (Joe Canciamilla, D-Pittsburg) became a two-year bill when it didn’t get out of its policy committee earlier in the year.  It has now been amended into AB 1495 (also previously a Canciamilla bill) to expedite its movement through the legislature.  This bill exempts Critical Infrastructure Information (CII) from the California Public Records Act and, therefore, allows the State Office of Homeland Security to keep confidential information provided by facilities (including manufacturers and refiners).  Without this bill, information would be public and could, potentially, provide a blueprint for terrorists.

Newswriters, TV commentators and other protectors of the California Public Records Act objected to the original language of AB 1775.  Amended language referencing the federal definitions for CII were incorporated and it was made clear that the intent was to exempt from the Public Records Act only voluntarily provided information, not required disclosures under other statutes.

AB 1495 is set for hearing on Tuesday, July 5th, in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate Rules Committee has granted a request to attach an "urgency" designation to AB 1495.  The author will offer an additional amendment designed to clean up redundant language and further clarify the intent, thus removing lingering opposition.

CMTA’s Environmental Quality Committee is supporting this bill.
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