CMTA Joins California Healthy Foods Coalition

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, July 15, 2005 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On July 12, CMTA officially joined the California Healthy Foods Coalition
(CHFC) – an alliance of California organizations and community leaders committed to protecting agriculture’s access to science and farming practices that ensure a safe and affordable food source for American consumers and their trading partners all over the world.

CHFC announced the formation of the coalition on June 27 and has already received support from the California Farm Bureau, California Cattlemen’s Association and California Women for Agriculture in addition to CMTA.

The coalition was formed in response to ongoing efforts throughout the state trying to ban biotechnology in local counties.  The coalition believes that it’s critical that agriculture has access to tools such as biotechnology, as it improves the environment without causing economic hardship to family farmers and California’s economy.

Farmers need innovative technologies that protect California’s farming community from diseases that destroy crops and devastate communities.  Efforts to ban biotechnology threaten the quality of life for California’s farming families and the consumers they serve.

The advancement of biotechnology is not only important to agriculture, but also critical in developing low-cost medicines through medical research and the promise of curing life-threatening diseases.  California’s biomedical industry provides highly skilled, high-wage jobs for Californians and 2,500 companies in the industry have headquarters in this state.

It is essential that we do everything we can to provide incentives for these companies to continue to develop innovative drugs and medical devices in California.

For more information about the coalition, click here.  CMTA looks forward to working with CHFC in promoting the importance of biotechnology in agriculture as well as in the biomedical industry.
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