Gino DiCaro

Greenhouse Gas Briefing

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

Capitol Update, July 29, 2005 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On Thursday July 28th, the California Climate Action Team held a briefing at Cal/EPA Headquarters to discuss implementation of Governor Schwarzenegger's greenhouse gas (GHG) initiative.  The Governor's executive order established the following GHG statewide targets:
  •     By 2010-  Reduce to 2000 emission levels
  •     By 2020 - Reduce to 1990 emission levels
  •     By 2050 -  Reduce to 80% below 1990 levels
The Secretary of Cal/EPA, Alan Lloyd was tabbed to direct the Climate Action Team that is compised of -high ranking officials in the Air Resources, Public Utilities Commission, Integrated Waste Management Board, California Energy Commission, Department of Food and Agriculture and Business, Transportation and Housing.  The Teams mission will be to evaluate strategies to meet the targets, report on scenario analysis, report to the Governor and the Legislature in January and bi-annually thereafter.  They have been specifically asked to include a Cap and Trade option in the January report.

The Climate Action Team outlined their vision of 4 public workshops beginning with a September 28th workshop to cover Cap and Trade and subgroups.  Informal stakeholder advisory meetings will also be held targeting industry, NGO's, communities and local government beginning with a scenarios analysis on August 15th.

The briefing also covered the strategies already underway by various agencies and the Tellus Report.  CMTA will be participating in the ongoing stakeholder meetings and workshops.  We would encourage you to develop information concerning the anticipated impact of these GHG targets on your business and industry, and provide testimony in future public meetings concerning your opinion on the implementation of a Cap and Trade program.   

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