Senate rejects confirmation of Cindy Tuck to ARB

By CMTA Staff

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On Thursday, September 1, the Senate turned down the confirmation of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appointee, Cindy Tuck, as chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), 24-14 along party lines.  Only Denise Ducheny, (D-San Diego) and Bill Morrow (R-Oceanside) abstained.   

Ms. Tuck was endorsed by 63 business and industry associations, two labor groups, five environmental groups, five public agencies, 53 agricultural groups and 17 air quality representatives, including all 11 members of the Air Resources Board.  She was opposed by eight environmental groups including the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association.  

Cindy was an extremely well qualified candidate with not only a legal and engineering background, but also experience on air quality issues for the past 20 years.  She has a proven record as a tireless worker, consensus builder and a champion of public process.  She has performed flawlessly as leader of CARB over the past six weeks and her request to allow more time to prove herself on the job was rejected.

Opposition to Cindy was based on her having worked for an "industry" association, the Council for Economic and Environmental Balance (CEEB).  In reality, CEEB is made up by 1/3 industry, 1/3 public entities and 1/3 labor.

CMTA believes California can have a healthy economy as well as a clean environment.  This is the outcome Cindy has worked to achieve for many years.  We are disappointed that the Legislature has a more narrow view for the leadership role of the Air Board.

The position of CARB Chair is now vacant and the Governor will have to make another appointment to fill the vacancy.  CMTA will work to ensure a qualified candidate gets the job.
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