CMTA & itís member companies provide aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina

By CMTA Staff

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In response to the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a number of CMTA members have taken steps to provide aid to those in need of funds, food and medicine.  CMTA itself is joining other California business trade associations contributing money to help small businesses reopen.

When a tragedy of this magnitude strikes, some of the most basic essentials in life are needed immediately.  For example, Abbott Laboratories initially contributed cases of pediatric and adult nutritional products, Bayer Corporation committed more than 6,000 cases of various over-the-counter products and Anheuser-Busch shipped 12,600 cases of water.

Campbell Soup Company contributed $2 million of food products, including soup, beverages and baked snacks, while Verizon Wireless established emergency communication centers in the Astrodome, which provided victims free calling services.

Many member companies such as Amgen, ConocoPhillips and Dow Chemical have implemented various employee dollar-for-dollar match programs in addition to the money and supplies they have already donated.

Below is a list of CMTA members (to our knowledge) who have contributed in the relief effort of Hurricane Katrina:

Abbott Laboratories                 DuPont                                 Shell Oil
Amgen                                        ExxonMobil                          Tesoro Corporation
Anheuser-Busch                      Ford Motor Company         Toyota
Bayer Corporation                   General Motors                    Unilever
BP                                               Intel Corporation                  Verizon Wireless
Campbell Soup Company     Kimberly-Clark
Chevron                                     Medtronic
Coca-Cola Company              Nissan North America
ConocoPhillips                        Oracle Corporation
Dana Corporation                    Pfizer Corporation
Dow Chemical                          SBC

We know there are many other companies assisting in the humanitarian effort and CMTA applauds our member companies in their philanthropic activities for the Gulf Coast.

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