Climate action team meets

By CMTA Staff

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On Tuesday, September 13, the Governor’s Climate Action Team (CAT) held a public workshop under Alan Lloyd’s chairmanship.  (Dr. Lloyd is Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency.)  The workshop consisted primarily of a discussion regarding emission reduction strategies being partially initiated or contemplated, implementation options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately achieving the greenhouse gas goals.  Unfortunately, the new strategies mentioned had only been unveiled on the California Energy Commission’s website the morning of the workshop so there was little feedback that could be provided by those in attendance concerning specific proposed projects. At the initial CAT hearing, strategies already underway were listed.

These are the contemplated projects:
    Air Resources Board
        New light duty vehicle technology improvements
        HFC reduction strategies
        Transport refrigeration units, off-road electrification, port electrification
        Manure management
        Semi conductor industry targets (PFC emissions)
        Flared natural gas measure
        Biodiesel blends
        Ethanol in gasoline
        Heavy duty vehicle emission reduction measures
    Public Utilities Commission/Energy Commission
        Additional energy efficiency programs
    Integrated Waste Management Board
        Landfill methane capture
        Zero waste – high recycling
    Resources Agency
        Forest management projects
        Reforestation projects
        Conservation projects
        Water management
        Fire management
    Business, Transportation & Housing
        Additional travel reduction measures
        Smart land use
    Energy Commission
        Increased use of blended cement
        Combined heat and power initiative
    Food & Agriculture
        Conservation tillage/cover crops
        Enteric formation

There was also a brief discussion of various implementation options: programmatic, cap and trade, climate change emission fee, fuel and imported electricity fee, a climate trust program and simply a voluntary emission reduction program.  The options will be evaluated based on economic feasibility, emission reduction potential and political feasibility.  More information is available at the Climate Action Team website.

There appeared to be extensive consensus among the team members for a mandatory reporting requirement to track and maintain accountability.  A pitch was made (which CMTA would support) for the Global Climate Action Registry to be the repository for all reporting information and documentation.

The next meeting on October 24 will focus on the contentious Cap & Trade issue.  We encourage member companies to be present and testify concerning how you see a Cap & Trade system affecting the way you do business.  Assemblymember Fran Pavley introduced a bill, AB 32, late in the past session (now a 2-year bill) which would implement a cap only, with no trade.  CMTA advocates maximum flexibility to minimize the impact on industry.
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