Calif. Power Market Forum to focus on resource adequacy

By CMTA Staff

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October 27-28, 2005
Hilton San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

California's rebounding economy is increasing demand for both electricity and natural gas, but infrastructure investment is lagging.  

The state's electricity demand grew four percent last year, with the largest percentage of growth in valley areas that are hot in the summer and require significant air conditioning.  Since the 2000-2001 electricity crisis, most of the new power plants slated for construction - the power plants necessary to meet increasing demand - have been postponed or canceled due to a combination of factors, most notably the reluctance by Wall Street to finance new electricity generation projects without a utility power purchase agreement to assure a guaranteed revenue stream.  According to the California Energy Commission's "Integrated Energy Policy Report", if a number of older power plants retire and additional resources don't come on line before 2008, electricity reserve margins could become dangerously thin.

Grid reliability was a major concern for this summer and both state and federal energy officials are predicting a tight electricity supply situation next summer in Southern California if the weather is unusually hot.

These are important issues for manufacturers: the state's economy, and the energy-intensive manufacturing sector in particular, need abundant and affordable power in order to be strong and healthy in the future.

Resource adequacy, market structure and infrastructure development will be the key themes at the upcoming California Power Market Forum on October 27 - 28 in San Francisco.

Conference attendees will hear from more than 20 distinguished energy experts, including: John Geesman, CEC Commissioner; Nora Brownell, FERC Commissioner; Yakout Mansour, President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Independent System Operator; Dian Grueneich, CPUC Commissioner; Joe Ronan, V.P., Governmental and Regulatory Affairs, Calpine; Pedro Pizarro, Senior Vice President, Southern California Edison; and Gary Ackerman, Executive Director, Western Power Trading Forum.

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