Key environment and energy appointments

By CMTA Staff

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Governor Schwarzenegger has picked Dan Skopec to be undersecretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. The appointment was announced on March 30th.

It is a key post - Skopec now becomes the point person for the Administration on global warming.

He has spent the last two years in the Governor's "horseshoe" - the unofficial name for the suite of offices the governor occupies in the Capitol - as the deputy cabinet secretary for energy, resources and environmental issues.

Skopec, 34, previously served as staff director of the Government Operations Subcommittee on House Energy Policy, Natural Resources and Regulatory Affairs, which was chaired by then-Representative Doug Ose (R-Sacramento).

With Skopec's departure, the new deputy cabinet secretary for energy, resources and environmental issues in the governor's office becomes Brian Prusnek, a senior staffer at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

Prusnek has held several key positions at the CPUC, most recently as Chief of Staff to Commissioner Rachelle Chong, and before that, as Chief of Staff to then-Commissioner Susan Kennedy, who now serves as the governor's Chief of Staff. He is a specialist in natural gas issues and while serving in the Commission's energy division was the sole federal natural gas analyst.

CMTA looks forward to working with Skopec and Prusnek and other members of the Administration on the environmental and energy issues that are important to California's manufacturers and the economic health of this state.
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