Tighter indoor air quality standards?

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, April 14, 2006 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Assemblymember Sally Lieber (D-Mountain View) has introduced AB 3018, regarding Indoor Air Pollution.  This bill would require the California Air Resources Board (ARB), in consultation with the State Department of Health Services and any other state agency that the state board and the department determine appropriate, to develop and establish a program for the prevention and control of indoor air pollution.  

The program would include education and community outreach.  It would target emission standards or other measures that limit the emissions of air contaminants from products that are primarily used or located indoors that may cause or contribute to adverse health effects.  The bill would require the state board to prioritize specified air contaminants and to utilize that priority listing to develop and adopt indoor air pollution prevention and control measures in order to reduce indoor exposures to pollutants.

The ARB’s report to the Legislature last spring showed that the predominant indoor air contaminants that affected public health were secondary smoke and radon.  It did not list institutional and consumer products as a high priority source of indoor air pollution.  The major problems are associated with air ventilation and biological contamination.  

The ARB has cooperatively worked with institutional and consumer products since 1989 to reduce volatile organic compounds in products while maintaining their efficacy.  These products are already extensively regulated.  Any further regulation will either lead to higher costs or the further loss of jobs in California.

Implementation of such a program would be very expensive.  With the State’s tight and extensive budget needs, especially in basic infrastructure, this is not the time for California to be creating new costly programs that are not needed.

AB 3018 is scheduled to be heard before the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Monday, April 17.  This bill is on the CMTA Environmental Committee’s "Top 25" bills of importance.  We will be lobbying in opposition to its passage.
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